Welcome to the Ideation Dojo


Everyone can create ideas

The Ideation Dojo is where we go to

Identify challenges

It is not always clear which challenge that is most pressing. The Ideation Dojo we can identify this

Generate ideas

Everyone can be creative. It is a matter of creating the right mindset. The mindset of the dojo

Choose solutions

Ideas are meaninless until we take action. Innovation doesn't end till the change is implemented

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About The Ideation Dojo


The Ideation Dojo is a concept explaining how we can create and implement ideas.


It is based on experiences gathered at University of Southern Denmark and in actual business Ideation processes.


The concept was created by the CEO of Illuminaut Jørgen Jakob Friis.

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You can find us at


Havnegade 29

5000 Odense C, Denmark


T. 0045 2392 8855

E. mail@ideationdojo.com